Current neurosurgical approaches to treatment of structural epilepsies

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The drug-resistant epilepsy remains one of the major problems in contemporary neurology. However, the new surgical approaches showed their great efficacy in treatment of patients with intractable seizures. The relevant neurosurgical methods of epilepsy treatment, as well as the issues of preoperative diagnostics and indications for operative treatment are described in this review. We also present a clinical case which demonstrates the successful treatment of patient with drug-resistant epilepsy who underwent stereotaxic implantation of electrodes in the anterior thalamic nuclei followed by significant clinical improvement.

About the authors

Andrey R. Sitnikov

Federal Center of Treatment and Rehabilitation

Author for correspondence.
Russian Federation, Moscow

Victoria A. Skorobogatova

Smolensk State Medical University

Russian Federation, Smolensk

Natalia N. Maslova

Smolensk State Medical University

Russian Federation, Smolensk


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